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1994–2001 Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
30.4.2004 Attestation in the field of ORTHOPEDICS
9/2004 Sonography Course in Orthopedics - IPVZ Prague - Bulovka
12/2005 Sonographic course of soft tissues (doc. MUDr. Luboš Hrazdíra) IPVZ Brno
10.7.2006 Czech Medical Chamber license for ORTHOPEDICS
3/2007 Internship - Pediatric Orthopedics (Assoc. Prof. Jiří Chomiak, MD) IPVZ Praha-Bulovka
28.10.2007 Diagnostic osteoporotic course with SMOS certificate
3.6.2008 Specialized competence in the field of ORTHOPEDICS - awarded by the Ministry of Health
7.4.-9.4.2010 Basic AO course
6.4.-8.4.2011 AO Advanced Course
1.6.-30.6.2011 Internship - Pediatric Orthopedics (Prof. Jan Poul, MD) KDCHOT Brno
14.12.2012 License for the position of Chief Medical Officer and Head of the Department of ORTHOPEDICS
11/16 – 4/17 Certified course of PODIATRY
19.12.2017 Attestation in the field of ORTHOPEDIC PROTHETICS
3/2018 Kinesio Taping course I, II - EduSpa College
11/2018 Hirudotherapy course
14.6.2019 Completed education of Clinical Homeopathy at CEDH
(Centre D´Enseigment Dévoloppment De L´Homéopatie)